Many factors affect catching trout - water conditions, bait colors, presentation, etc.
   Bottom line?  Have a good time fishing and enjoy your day.

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Trout Sense of Smell
Trout use special holes called “nares” to sniff out tiny bits of chemicals in the water. Since they don’t breathe air they can’t smell anything outside their watery habitat.

A Rainbow Trout can smell the difference between two aquatic plants of the same species that are side by side. It can even taste the difference between two species of Chironomid and thus will have a preference for one species over another. Rainbow Trout are very sensitive to differences in ph, salinity and the differences in amino acids as found in their food sources.

It is thought that the Rainbow may even have taste and smell sensors on parts of its body other than in the nostrils and mouth and that these may actually help the trout in locating its food.

Trout can smell trouble coming. Their nostrils, located on their snouts just in front of their eyes, are so sensitive they can detect molecules diluted by water to scant parts per million. Avoid getting any smells on your fly that the trout may consider 'foul'. Particularly those that are acidic, or basic, or salty, or taste like sun-tanning lotion.

A moderate size Rainbow can accelerate from a standstill to about 23 mph (or 37 kilometers per hour) in about one second. A larger fish can get in an extra one or two mph. Almost instantly the fish is traveling more than 33 feet per second and can maintain that speed long enough to easily strip a hundred yards of line. Feeding fish will come from more than a 100 feet away to take a properly presented food source.

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