Many factors affect catching trout - water conditions, bait colors, presentation, etc.
   Bottom line?  Have a good time fishing and enjoy your day.

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Trout Hearing
Trout have highly developed dual hearing systems. First, the ears in their heads are used to detect the movement of nearby objects. These ears allow the trout to hear sound frequencies well outside the human hearing range. This hearing receptor of the trout is what allows the fish to find food even in very murky water.

Fish also have a lateral-line system on each side of their bodies that picks up frequency vibrations. This lateral line, which runs from behind the head to the base of the tail, is a series of tiny drum-like membranes with nerve endings that run back to the spinal cord.

Trout have inner ears, which allow them to hear sounds as we do. They also have lateral lines, special sense organs used to “feel” sounds. Lateral lines allow trout to hear sounds that are too low for humans to hear.

The trout's three-chambered 'internal' ear picks up sound very well. If you drop your glasses in the bottom of the boat, a trout across a large lake will easily hear that sound and the nearby trout will probably be spooked into a non-feeding phase by the noise.

trout are easily able to hear things that fall into a river, especially in slower water. A nearby trout can readily hear a grasshopper or other bug that falls into the river. Because of this, care must be taken in casting to prevent the fly line from making a splash in the water or from having the fly itself strike the river at full force. A gently dropping fly is far more likely to attract the attention of a trout than one that gets slammed into the river due to a bad cast or too heavy of a fly or fly line.

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