Many factors affect catching trout - water conditions, bait colors, presentation, etc.
   Bottom line?  Have a good time fishing and enjoy your day.

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Trout Water and Habitat
Trout and insects are more active in low light, and cloudy conditions.
On warm, bright days, hatch activity usually starts earlier in the day but will be shorter in duration, producing intense activity. On cloudy days, hatches start later and produce for a longer period of time.

Rain can have a positive effect both on fish's willingness to feed.
 Rain comes on days with overcast skies. The mixing action of rain hitting the water's surface also oxygenates the water, which can raise the activity level of the fish. Rain also can quickly cool the surface of water and with aerators present can provide a wider spread cooling effect around the aerators. The best hatch activity is typically right after the rainfall which brings high increases hatch activity.

Oxygenated Water
There are 2 main environmental keys to finding trout: temperature and oxygen.
Cooler water retains more oxygen and oxygen helps create cooler water. Lack of oxygen and higher temperatures create many issues for fishing. It can destroy the eco system of a lake causing algae run away and blooms, sluggish fish starving for air, warmer water temperatures, etc. It is so important that the lake management understand these issues to provide a stable environment not only for the the fisherman who pays to fish a stocked lake but also for the humanity of the fish they stock. Its one thing to feel too much warmth but to also be starved of oxygen would make any creature just sit still until conditions change.

Sunshine & Temperature:Understanding thermal climate is super important.
 If the water is warm, activity is slow. Trout tend to like a nice cool 50-64 degree ranch. When the water gets warm they dosile (sluggish, slow down). The sun intensity thru water on a thermometer, on a 75 degree day with clear water can reach over 100 degrees in 6 ft of water as reflective heat. Try it - plan to burst your thermometer though.

This is why we can stock trout all summer long, from April to October as the water temp typically never reaches over 75 degrees as most Southern California Lakes don't even stock trout until October because their waters are just to warm for them to move.

Thermocline Layer:

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