If you child catches their first fish here please send the picture to richard@gvltackle.com and I will post it.

Kids First Fishes - Click on any picture to enlarge.

Maksie's First Fish
08/01/2014 - Bluegill
Jimmy Bon helping Maksie and
Brother pull in their first trout

Richard from GVL Tackle with Garrett from La Jolla BSA 506

Lidia from BSA 506
La Jolla First Trout

Adam 8 from Germany

Michelle 08/11/2014

Miles 6 First Trout

Alexis First Trout

Erin's First Crappie

Samantha 08/16/2014

Here are some other pictures.

Eric - 4 lb Bass on Worm at dam end.

Deer in front of tackle shop.

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