Re-Spooling - $3.00 - Izorline - First Strint (up to 400 yards, 4 or 6 lb test)
Bring in your rod/reel and we will re-spool your reel with
up to 400 yds of Izorline 4 or 6 lb test for only $3.00
California Fishing License Access Point
We do not do enough volume in sales to become a licensed CDFW agent for
California Fishing Licenses. Thus we have setup a computer and printer online
where you can easily and quickly get your California Fishing License online
directly with CDFW (Calilfornia Dept of Fish and Wildlife).

Then print out your license for you. CDFW will also mail you your permanent
license (annual licenses). On site help is available. All we ask is for a small
donation of $1 to help cover the cost of printer ink and service assistance.
Have Questions? Want to know the better spots to fish?
Different methods to catch fish at Green valley lake?
There is at least one of the top 5 fisherman of this lake present on site.
This is the hangout for the best local fisherman, from powerbait, worms, mealys, jigs, lures, depth, distance, top baits for that week, methods, etc.

Ocassionally you might even see us as at times we go out and help kids catch fish.
Read some of our customers comments.

If you are a pro fisherman please share with us your tips for trout.
There is always something for us to learn and share with others.

GVL Tackle
Green Valley Lake
Green Valley Lake, ca. 92341